MD ProKit was founded by two physicians who met during medical school and became best friends. They found themselves not only going to medical school together, but also to the same residency program where their bond strengthened. Throughout that time, they made sacrifices, endured great stressors, failed terribly, succeeded wonderfully, got married and were blessed to have healthy, beautiful children.

They not only shared a common passion for medicine, but also their goals in life. One of which was to be able to share their knowledge of medicine with others to provide the best care possible. This is why MD ProKit was founded.

They learned a lot about how medicine works and how complicated it can be to actually get the proper care one may need. MD ProKit was created in hopes of making it simpler to get the quality care you need. Not everything can be treated by a box kit, but we felt that certain common ailments could. MD ProKit consists of easy-to-understand, evidence based treatment plans, quality medicines and treatment aids...all packaged conveniently in a kit.

All of these kits were designed by U.S. board certified doctors with first-hand knowledge of using these same exact items and instructions to help treat themselves, their own patients, friends and families.
Our aim is to offer a product that will genuinely help humankind - individuals, families, and society. We hope that this product genuinely helps you and that you share it with others who may benefit from it.

Best of health to you and your family